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Takhzeen - Your Ultimate Warehouse Storage Solution.

A comprehensive warehouse management solution can be tailored to meet our clients' specific requirements. We take into account factors such as warehouse size and the number of inventory and operational tasks to design an optimal floor plan, ensuring superior safety and flexibility.

Pallet & Heavy Duty Racks

Maximize warehouse efficiency with our top-notch pallet and heavy duty racks. Streamline storage, ensure accessibility, and boost productivity effortlessly.

Medium & Light Duty Racks

Versatile and cost-effective, these racks provide optimal storage solutions for a diverse range of items, ensuring accessibility and boosting overall productivity.

Mezzanine & Multi-Tier Systems

Optimize your space with our mezzanine and multi-tier systems. Elevate storage capacity, enhance efficiency, and customize for seamless integration.

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Heavy & Medium Duty Racks

A diverse array of warehouse storage systems is currently accessible, and as we progress into the future, these systems continue to evolve, becoming increasingly lightweight, cost-effective, and technologically advanced.

Heavy Duty Racks

Utilize steel or plywood decking for unsecured items (up to 3000 kg).

Pallet Racks

Using lift equipment is necessary to arrange packed items on pallets (up to 3000 kg).

Drive-in Racks

Utilize the INFO/FIFO system to store standard items on pallets (up to 1500 kg/pallet.)

Longspan Rack

An Ideal budget solution for all your garage storage needs (up to 600 kg/level).

Medium Duty Shelves

Utilize steel or plywood decking for unsecured items (up to 400 kg).

Cantilever Racks

Perfect for storing long and bulky items, offering versatile single or double-sided options (up to 600 kg per arm).

Bolt-Free Shelves

Crafted for quick, tool-free solutions, easily adaptable to changing storage needs (up to 300 kg/level).

Slotted Angle Shelves

Easily assemble with minimal tools and adjust shelf height for versatility (up to 120 kg/level).

Steel Wire Shelves

Ideal for applications that require a solid surface with a high level of corrosion protection (up to 110 kg/level).

Supermarket Shelves

A robust shelf rack for heavy loads in supermarkets or warehouses, easy to assemble with durable materials (up to 80 kg/level).

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins offer excellent flexibility, catering to specific requirements regardless of shape, size, or storage capacity needs.

Heavy Duty Workbench

The heavy duty workbenches are industrial-grade, built for robust usage.

Warehouse Accessories

Explore a diverse range of warehouse accessories at Takhzeen, including tools, storage solutions, safety equipment, and handling gear to elevate efficiency and optimize operations.


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