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Takhzeen's Company Introduction

Welcome to Takhzeen Electronic & Standard Storage System LLC, a subsidiary of Arabian Group Holding, established in 1967 by Mr. Ali Baslaib. Throughout our journey, we have consistently upheld a robust reputation as one of the foremost importers and stockists in the UAE. Our expertise lies in providing a broad spectrum of products, ranging from office and home furniture to an array of allied equipment, encompassing computerized, electrical, and manual storage systems. Explore the excellence that defines us and discover how our commitment to quality has shaped our legacy in the industry.


In addition to its core expertise in furniture and storage solutions, the company has diversified its operations to include oilfield supplies, agency services, general trade activities, and turnkey projects. This multi-faceted approach has allowed Arabian Group Holding to thrive and contribute significantly to various sectors.

With a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, the company has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses and individuals seeking high-quality products and services. As it continues to grow and evolve, Arabian Group Holding remains dedicated to meeting the ever-changing demands of its customers and the market, ensuring its position as a leader in various industries.

Takhzeen's Vision

Maximizing the stakeholder accounts, which is the lifeblood of our organization, by achieving and demonstrating the ability to sustain high growth in revenues and net profits, will make Takhzeen an attractive and trusting investment opportunity.

Takhzeen x Hanel

Some of Our Valued Clients

At Takhzeen, we are dedicated to nurturing and prioritizing our valued clients. We believe that the foundation of our success lies in the trust and satisfaction of our clients. With unwavering commitment, we continually strive to exceed their expectations, provide unparalleled service, and tailor our solutions to their evolving needs. Our clients are at the heart of our business, and we are honored to serve them with the utmost care, respect, and dedication.